Welcome to the world of flags!

Collect with our FlagCountern all flags of the world on your website ....

Once a visitor arrives from another country to your website you will get a new flag on your counter..

Add our counter to any webpage and collect flags from all over the world. Every time someone from a new country visits your website, a flag will be added to your counter.

This will make your site much more interesting. By clicking on your Flag Counter your visitors will reveal amazing information and charts!

Even more: In the details page, we add for each registered domain a backlink to your site. You can choose which backlink-text you want to have to be displayed.

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Types of FlagCounter


We are offering differnet types of FlagCounters. These differ in how many of domains can be serviced simultaneously.


You can selectively active or deactivate the linked domains in the members-area



The fees must be paid each year in advance.


single-Domain .......... EUR 19,00

5 Domains ...........EUR 45,00

10 Domains ........ EUR 119,00

20 Domains ....... EUR 199,00

unlimited ...... EUR 499,00


The payment is done by PayPal

Simple Installation


Your individual FlagCounter is configured in the members area. Choose from different settings and simply insert the generated code into your web site.


Already set to go.


List Of Countries

If you are interested which countries we are currenty able to identify, you can find a list by clicking here

We use the Global IP database for the identification of the individual countries.